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We have introduced advanced production equipment and production technology, and the pace of innovation has never stopped. We always maintain a leading edge for customers in the same industry.

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The independent logistics distribution system, including one-stop delivery service of product packaging-loading-shipping, greatly improves the distribution efficiency.

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1. Specialized in high-speed motors for more than 10 years, has rich experience in terminal applications, can accurately judge the working conditions, and quickly develop solutions
2. Establish a joint engineering center with major brands.
The center has more than 50 sets of motor-related analysis and testing equipment, which basically covers various parameters and performance tests. It is one of the most professional R & D centers in South China.
3. All of our products use environmentally friendly materials, fully complying with ROHS, REACH, WRAS, KTW, NSF and other domestic and European and American environmental protection requirements
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About Us

Dongguan Zhongsheng Mechanical and Electrical Co.,Ltd.was initially established in 1987 in Mongkok,Hong Kong.It has been serving the mechanical and electrical industry for 26 years.It has been committed to providing high-quality and advanced transmission equipment and technology and after-sales services for mainland China and Hong Kong.With the rapid economic development in the ....



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Reducer industry welcomes new opportunities
Over the years, with the rapid expansion of Industry 4.0, the development of industrial automation has also ushered in a new step. The reducer is one of the basic equipment industries in China. The downstream applications include lifting and transportation, cement and building materials, heavy mines, and aeronautical applications. Robots, etc. Due to the strength of the downstream market, especially the booming development of the robot industry, the future development prospects of the gearbox industry continue to improve. As an indispensable transmission equipment in modern construction, the reducer is widely used in various fields of the national economy.
Analysis of AC Servo Motor Vector Control Technology
The three-phase AC value is obtained from the current sampling of AC Motor, converted into two-phase coordinates (αβ) by Clark, and then the static αβ coordinate is replaced by the dq coordinate of the rotation by Park transform to form a feedback value, and the command value of dq is calculated.
What are the common faults and solutions for SEW reducers?
SEW reducer is a transmission machine with compact structure, large transmission ratio and self-locking function under certain conditions. Among them, the hollow shaft type worm gear reducer not only has the above characteristics, but also has convenient installation and reasonable structure, and is more and more widely used. It is equipped with a helical gear reducer at the input end of the worm gear reducer. The multi-stage reducer can achieve very low output speed, higher efficiency than single-stage worm gear reducer, and low vibration, noise and energy. Low consumption.
Seven major problems in high speed motor design?
Seven major problems in high speed motor design? Whether it is domestic or foreign, high-speed motors still have problems that need to be solved in design and analysis. Specifically, high-speed motors have the following problems in design and analysis.
Interpretation of common problems of B35 motor
Interpretation of common problems of B35 motor